IDC and Google Cloud Webinar - 5 Business outcomes that high-performing IT teams deliver through cloud migration


A cloud-first strategy is imperative to deliver key business outcomes such as innovation, operational efficiency, intelligence, digital resilience, and even propelling core business applications into the digital future. Almost all UKI organisations utilise cloud platforms with 64% using them "extensively", according to IDC research.

With cloud becoming a dominant operating model for most UKI organisations, IT teams are fast-moving beyond euphoric or tactical cloud adoption to a strategic adoption where cloud migration is tightly aligned with business outcomes.

But not all cloud migration journeys are equally successful. Only 56% of UKI organisations migrating and running business applications in the cloud consider it successful. Organisations cite 3 reasons for cloud migration failures – lack of standards and consistency with the rest of the IT environment, security and trust issues, and lack of user acceptance of cloud services and tools.

However, risks of failure shouldn’t stop organisations from adopting cloud. Instead, organisations should identify the business outcomes that can only be achieved through cloud and develop a strategy to minimise the risks for success.
In this webinar, you will hear from IDC and Google Cloud executives on the imperatives of cloud migration at scale and the different paths to cloud (lift and shift, fully refactor workloads, retire and replace, etc.).

Key questions answered in the webinar:

● What are the 5 business outcomes that successful cloud migration can bring?
● What are the different paths to cloud and how to choose the right path?
● What are the risks to cloud migration and how to minimise them?
● How to get started and what is the way forward in the cloud?

The webinar will also feature bite-sized solutions deep dive on a topic that is high priority for you:

● Successfully Migrating SAP Workloads to Cloud
● Migrating Databases to the Cloud
● Transforming VMware environment with Cloud
● Capitalising the Cloud for Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Digital Resilience

For more on all the points raised within the webinar, please watch the on-demand recording

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