IDC Security Forum 2021


Digital trust is key to business recovery post–COVID-19. Many businesses are undertaking significant re-evaluation of their priorities. On April 27th IDC held Security Forum about digital trust, digital resilience and digital technologies.

During the over three-hour event IDC and its guests discussed how trust enables an organization to successfully emerge from crisis, promotes integration, productivity and change, and determines the quality of interpersonal relations.

Key Takeaways

  • Experts in various fields including security practitioners, e-government advisors or market analysts shared with us a lot of valuable knowledge. Let's emphasize what's most important:
  • There is no digital business without digital trust
  • Key “building block” of digital trust are cybersecurity, privacy, transparency and business ethics
  • Digital trust will only be built if an organization can answer this critical question - is data being used ethically for the benefit of customers?
  • There is no such a thing as a a recipe for digital trust. Digital trust is different for every organization and its use as a market differentiator will differ as well. 
  • We need technologies to build the trust and we need trust to use technologies

Event Details

The complete agenda, speakers and other event information can be found on the event's website.

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Videos & Presentations

IDC Security Forum 2021 - VIDEO

Joel Stradling - IDC

Krzysztof Komorowski - Instytut Sobieskiego

Jarosław Ulczok - Thales

Dorota Valli - OneTrust

Dominik Rozdziałowski - KWP w Kielcach

Piotr Woleń - HP Inc. Polska

Ewa Śniechowska - Palo Alto Networks

Jakub Leszewski - Citrix Polska

Adam Wygodny

Aleksander P. Czarnowski - DefenseLayers

Tomasz Mielnicki - Quest / One Identity

Anna Jacobi-Konik - ISCG & Tomasz Wandel - Thycotic

Tomasz Widomski - Elproma