IDC European Government Digital Summit


The COVID recovery funding offers European governments a once in a century opportunity to re-imagine their economies. To make them more equitable, resilient to shocks and sustainable against long-term stresses, like climate change. European government executives are embracing innovative digital technologies to make intelligent, transparent policy decisions about these critical financial programs. And to deliver seamless services to citizens and businesses, so that constituents can enjoy the benefits of the recovery.

European countries must combine the top-down coordination of national governments with the bottom-up leadership of cities and regions that are re-imagining hyperlocal living. Such a combination of capabilities will accelerate the path to the new ETHIC (Efficient-Trusted-Highly Responsive-Inclusive-Convenient) public services.

At IDC Government Executive Summit you'll learn, among others:

  • How can governments best leverage chatbots and data intelligence to personalize services and accelerate channel shift?
  • How can they deploy intelligent automation to re-focus precious civil service resources on value added tasks?
  • How can government executives build digital twins to make intelligent planning and operational decisions for sustainable cities, regions and countries?
  • How can government executives accelerate development and deployment of innovations across hybrid, multi-cloud environments?
  • How can government executives embrace the acceleration of digital innovation, while protecting citizen privacy and fostering digital sovereignty?

Event Details

The complete agenda, speakers and other event information can be found on the event's website.

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Videos & Presentations

Massimiliano Claps, IDC - The new ETHIC of public services

Askar Zhambakin, Republic of Kazakhstan & Massimiliano Claps, IDC - Fireside chat with the Vice Minister: thoughts on the digital future of Central Asia and beyond

Hugh Eaton, Microsoft - How digital transformation can empower your agency and community to achieve more

Col Campbell, Accenture - Computers Are As Easy As People Are Hard

Q&A - Hugh Eaton and Col Campbell

Louisa Barker, IDC - Greening through IT and greening by IT: the 21st century digital-sustainable transition

Barry Lowry, Irish Government - People-driven Public Services

Roundtable A - 360 Degree Value - Hosted by Accenture & IDC

Roundtable B - The Paradigm Shift - Hosted by Microsoft & IDC

Vanda de Jesus, Portugal Digital - The Portuguese digital action plan and the new age of digital identity

David Burrows, UiPath - Intelligent Automation: The Path to Digital Transformation

Sven Schade, Joint Research Centre - The impact of location data and technology on public services

Dimitra Simeonidou, University of Bristol - Accelerating public services innovation with co-creation and public private partnerships

Joe Dignan, IDC - Digital-Twin: Empowering Cities, Regions and Countries Success with Data

Advisory Board Panel Discussion