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This year’s DevOps conference, even though it is an event we normally run in the UK, is going to be a virtual forum that will bring together a community of executives, managers, engineers, programmers, and designers.

As software engineering teams scale quickly organizations must focus on the right tactics to manage, empower and drive growth at scale. Excellence in software innovation requires the alignment of people, processes, and technology. This takes effort, focus, and a commitment to change. Getting it right is a game changer! IDC identifies five core tactics (innovation catalysts) driving software innovation and delivery excellence: unified automation strategies; cloud native and API-led development; Agile and DevOps at scale; value stream management; and community driven culture. There is growing interest and investment from UK organizations as it relates to these innovation tactics, why? because these tactics become synonymous with software innovation and DevOps at scale success. In this context IDC identifies four core ingredients to accelerate software innovation and DevOps best practices:

  1. Leadership and Culture: Leading, Hiring, Collaborating and Thinking Differently
  2. Automation: Driving Continuous Delivery Behavior
  3. Simplicity: Enabling Software Dev and Delivery simplicity
  4. Skills: Reskilling and upskilling for tomorrow

Enabling software innovation and DevOps at scale requires effort and a continual learning ethic. There's no room for complacency, organizations must utilise tactics that focus on business value delivery and drive accuracy, reuse, visibility and transparency across dev and delivery teams.

 Join our DevOps event on September 23 to discuss the following:

  • Culture and leadership: the drive toward empowered teams
  • Trusted, secure, and safe DevOps: delivering security and compliance in the delivery pipeline
  • Hyper-agile architectures: the pivot to microservices, containers, and dynamic orchestration
  • Business-value and ROI: the rise of value stream management
  • Actionable DevOps data: embracing ML, AI, and RPA for accelerated collaboration and efficiency gains
  • DevOps at enterprise scale: business-led DevOps becomes business as usual
  • Smarter DevOps: driving observability and intelligent decisions
  • Unified automation strategies: advancing CI/CD maturity and achieving release orchestration excellence

Event Details

The complete agenda, speakers and other event information can be found on the event's website.

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Videos & Presentations

IDC Keynote: Empowered DevOps: Fact or Fiction?

Platinum Keynote: Journey to the Cloud: Lessons Learned by a Global Reinsurance Leader on the Path to a Secure Kubernetes Platform

Platinum Keynote: Accelerating the DevOps Pipeline by Simplifying High Volume Data Automation

Platinum Keynote: Empowering Agility: Shifting your Organization's Focus to DevOps

End User Keynote: Culture and Leadership: the Drive Towards Empowered Teams

Panel Discussion: Empowering Teams to Move Faster

Platinum Keynote: Test Automation Reaches a DevOps Tipping Point

Platinum Keynote: Implement a Cloud Security Model like you would Build, Deploy and Nurture an App

Tech Talk 1: 5 reasons Why ‘Data Driven Intelligence’ holds the Key to DevSecOps

Tech Talk 2: Achieving Excellence in Software Delivery: How to Build, Test and Deploy like the Market Leaders

Panel Discussion: Continuous Delivery Behavior: Teams, Processes and Practices

IDC Key Takeaways and Future Predictions

Learnings from the DevOps Enterprise Summit London Balancing Value, Scale, and Innovation