IDC Utilities Summit 2022 Digital edition


For years, European utilities have led green energy initiatives, smart city initiatives, and CO2 emission reductions. Almost all of Europe’s largest power and gas utilities have set net-zero emissions targets and many have already made significant strides toward achieving them.

However, utilities’ role in the net zero economy extends far beyond their own push for green energy. Utilities have the potential, and more importantly the experience, to lead this revolution. The utility industry can demonstrate to other sectors how to encompass net zero from creating a sustainable supply chain to launching new business models to transitioning to a circular economy.

Pressure to prioritize climate change, electrify transportation, and adopt stakeholder capitalism, puts utilities and their ecosystem of partners at the crux of the net-zero economy.

For this digital edition of the IDC European Summit, we will focus the discussions on Utilities’ role in the net-zero economy.

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Videos & Presentations

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