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The rapid and uncertain changes that we witnessed in previous year, have shown organizations the necessity of transforming into digital-first businesses. Upskilling has never been more important and for many, this means completely transforming the ways of thinking, working, and producing value.

Tackling the big challenges facing the industry today is a daunting challenge.  IT leaders will have to become more business-savvy, since the expectations for the IT department rise and CIOs will be measured based on their ability to co-create new business models, in cooperation with their business peers. Simultaneously, higher levels of IT knowledge will be required across all functions in the organization, including traditionally non-technical positions.

CIOs need to continuously recalibrate the digital road map to ensure that the organization has transformed sufficiently and developed strong digital capabilities for future success.

Join this year's IDC Adriatic Summit for educational purpose, informative content, and innovative roundtables and share ideas with others in your field or seek advice from people who’ve done it all before.

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Videos & Presentations

Chris Weston Presentation

Andrej Hudoklin Presentation

Igor Pravica Presentation

Ljubica Vukcevic Presentation

GEN-I Presentation, Andrej Šajn & David Vidmar

Saša Bilić Presentation

IDC Summit Adriatic-06-06 2022

IDC Summit Adriatic 06-07 2022