IDC European Future of Work Summit


The world of work is at a turning point in history and there is no return. The current crisis is forcing companies to run their business in a radically different way.

“Adapt or die”, says the old adage. The degree of an organization’s elasticity and adaptability to change – across business processes, technology, and, most importantly, their workforce – will dictate their chances of survival moving forward. Agile collaboration, employee empowerment, lifelong learning, and trust will be ingrained in the culture of any organization wanting to succeed in the digital race.

During the IDC European Future of Work Digital Summit 2020, we will address the concept of work to thrive in the Next Normal. Whilst no one has a blueprint for digital success, we can all consider the lessons of the recent past and re-imagine constructively our future. How would we like it to be?

Join us our IDC Analyst and expert Speakers and your Peers for this exclusive Digital Event Experience.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Event Details

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Videos & Presentations

IDC Keynote: Defining the Future of Work in the Next Normal: my employees, my business, and the long-term value of my organization - Angela Salmeron, IDC

Platinum Partner Keynote: Proving the business outcomes of workplace transformation with data - Simon Hayward, Domo EMEA & Simon Jones, Cision

Platinum Partner Keynote: The Anywhere Worker – what you need to make the most of this opportunity - Joseph Walsh, LogMein

Platinum Partner Keynote: Future Ready Workforce: Unify your distributed workforce with VMware - Kristine Dahl Steidel, VMware

Moderated Q&A

Employee wellbeing: the great untapped performance opportunity for the future of the workplace - Rob Stephenson, Form

Platinum Partner Presentation: Designing the Future of Work - Driving innovation and unlocking business value - Rakshit Ghura, HCL Technologies

Platinum Partner Presentation: The Future of Work: Top 3 predictions by Nutanix and Wipro - Kees Baggerman, Nutanix & Amar Mahadeviah, Wipro Technologies

Advisory Board Fire Side Chat

Breakout Session A: How to run high-performance teams in a distributed workforce? - Simon Jones, Cision & Thomas Vavra, IDC

Breakout Session B: The Four critical elements of Flexible Working - 1) Strategy, 2) Technology, 3) Culture, 4) Behaviour - Joseph Walsh, LogMein & Marta Fiorentini, IDC

Breakout Session C: Future Ready Workforce - a healthcare provider perspective - Spencer Pitts, VMware, Martin McPeake, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust & Robert Farish, IDC

Breakout Session D: The Exciting News from Zoomtopia - Magnus Falk, Zoom & Jan Alexa, IDC

Breakout Session E: Building a fluid and resilient workplace - Saurabh Sharma, HCL Technologies & Marta Fiorentini, IDC

Breakout Session F: Predicting a Right Shift for the Future of Work - The old and the new age conflicts in the workplace - Kees Baggerman, Nutanix, Amar Mahadeviah, Wipro Technologies & Robert Farish, IDC