IDC European Healthcare Executive Digital Summit 2022


The anatomy of Patient Value: priming a new strategy for digital health


The IDC European Healthcare Executive Digital Summit 2022 will be focused on how healthcare organizations will accelerate and consolidate their data driven transformation. Driven by the experiences of the last two years, and by new strategic funding resources available, the European healthcare sector is ready for a quantum leap for innovation

The success of future digital healthcare strategies will be built around the ability to engage and drive value for individuals and their relationships. Coherent and empowering individual experiences, trusted and engaging relationships, and evidence-driven decisions and processes are vital to ensure sustainable and scalable healthcare digital  innovation. Digital strategies in healthcare will develop across the following dimensions:

  • Patients: Improving patient experience and engagement is the top business priority for  European healthcare providers and the digital front door offer the opportunity to reimaging care delivery models through telehealth, wearables, mobile health apps and platforms
  • Workforce: as the pressure on the health workforce continues unabated investing in talent management and experience is paramount. Forty percent of healthcare organizations told IDC that employee experience will remain a driver of business growth and innovation beyond the pandemic. At the same time greater investments in collaboration and workflow automation will be essential to ease the work burden for clinicians and to ensure high quality care.  Today 60% of European healthcare providers are investing in cloud-based collaboration platforms to support multidisciplinary work models.
  • Ecosystems: Seventy percent of European healthcare organizations have already joined or plan to join a digitally enabled industry ecosystem. These ecosystems will be key to advance toward personalized and integrated care models, and to drive collaboration between healthcare providers, research institutions and life sciences organizations to tackle healthcare systems problems.

This transformation calls for a new technology architecture built to intelligently serve patients and health professionals, providing a resilient platform that accelerates innovation. To avoid traditional digital deadlocks, organizations will need to rethink their approach to the IT infrastructure embracing the core -edge-cloud continuum, investing in intelligence technologies, and balance security and compliance risk with clinical and business priority.

To ignite innovation at scale, healthcare organizations need to bring together different point of views and experiences that unite and guide clinical and technology leaders, within and outside the healthcare organization. The IDC European Healthcare Executive Digital Summit 2022 offers that dynamic and diverse environment to learn and share best practices and to engage in meaningful conversation

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Videos & Presentations

1_Charting a New Course for Digital Innovation in Health - Silvia Piai, IDC

2_Future-Proof Healthcare Innovation with Point of Care Technologies - Diogo Genehr & Kerri Sibley, HP

3_Moderated Q&A with HP

4_European Health Data Space – opportunity for stakeholders - Markus Kalliola, Sitra

5_Is healthcare ready for data and intelligence driven ecosystems - Oliver Bleck, Roche and Nino Giguashvili, IDC

6_The new patient digital front door enhancing patient digital services for better experience and efficiency - Vicent Moncho Mas, Marina Hospital

7_The future of Trust in Health - Andy Wilcox, Imprivata and Silvia Piai, IDC

8_Innovating WITH the healthcare workforce - Jan Alexa, Bulovka and Marco Foracchia, Reggio Emilia Health Authority and Silvia Piai, IDC

9_A new approach to digital innovation in health - Accelerate and Scale, Alain de Maght, Hôpitaux Iris Sud

10_Healthcare’s Future of Infrastructure enabling a new course of innovation through cloud Torsten Haferlach, MLL and Niroshan Nadarajah, MLL and Silvia Piai, IDC

11_How far we are from truly intelligent workflow in healthcare - Gianluca Cesare, Humanitas and Werner Leodolter, KAGes