IDC European Retail Summit 2022



Retail Operations in a Purpose-Led World


Retailers face ever more demanding customers, greater accountability towards society, growing competitive pressure,and tighter margins. Shoppers want to buy from brands that evoke a sense of purpose in everything they do, including the way they communicate with consumers. Success starts with retailers listening to what consumers are passionate about, alignment with shoppers' demand for sustainability, empathy with customer's expectations, and with emphasis on operational excellence to deliver frictionless customer journeys.

Operating with a sense of purpose becomes key for retailers to define who they are and what values they stand for in the eyes of customers, partners, competitors, and society.

The retail industry has entered a new shopping paradigm, a landscape in which old dynamics have been made redundant. During the IDC European Retail Executive Digital Summit 2022, we will look at the retailers’ need to assert a sense of purpose with consumers, redefine a role within their partner ecosystem, and rethink operations to be ethically, environmentally, and financially, sustainable.


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Videos & Presentations

1_Retail Operations in Purpose-Led World - Filippo Battaini, IDC

2_Enhance customer advocacy through product enrichment - Andre Pons, Sales Layer

3_Digitalization of the physical store - Lucas Abboud, Carrefour & Filippo Battaini, IDC

4_Identity Management: Bridge the gap between your online- and offline business - Felix Colaci, Okta

5_Doing More with Less - Nina Lund, Microsoft

6_Employee experience - Marco Moschini, Benetton Group

7_What technologies will shape the future of retail - Juergen Brock, Fullfillment Tools & Sofia Poggi, IDC

8_Advisory Board Panel Discussion: Thinking ahead call to actions for retailers of the future - Claudio Bianchi, Kiko & Andreas Streubig, Hugo Boss & Miha Kovac, Studio Moderna & Colin Shenoy, Diageo & Filippo Battaini, IDC

9_The double-sided nature of purpose in retail operations - Cristiano Quattrini, IDC