IDC European Banking Summit 2021



Digital is coming of Age – Is the honeymoon phase over?


Financial institutions are refocusing their digital and data transformation initiatives – not only to cope with the new ‘socially distant’ reality – but more importantly to tap into a new momentum of digitalization, as customers, employees and regulators embrace the reliability, convenience and efficiency of digital financial services.

However digital value creation is not a one-way street! In 2021, financial institutions must proof that digital transformation is not just an internal cost efficiency and productivity driver, but that they take digital customer-, and staff experiences seriously. Customer engagement needs to be personalized and contextual; security needs to be embedded and increasingly invisible; the next generation of customer-facing tools and services needs to deliver quantifiable value for customers, and digital sales must happen at a time and place of the customer’s choosing, not the banks’ convenience.

FSI must also take advantage of a new regulatory openness towards cloud, data-driven security-, compliance -, and customer engagement strategies, but heed the warning signs not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Transparency, the customer’s best interest and evidence-based compliance are the future.

For financial institutions this means the digital “honeymoon” is coming to an end. The future will require a far more balanced and genuinely customer-centric value proposition.

During the IDC European Banking Executive Digital Summit 2021, we will discuss successful strategies to adapt to this rapidly changing world.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Roberta and Thomas


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Videos & Presentations

1_Digital is coming of Age – Is the honeymoon phase over? - Thomas Zink, IDC

2_The Digital Backbone - The Overlooked Constraint in Achieving Enterprise Resiliency - Viren Patel, Workday

3_Future-Proofing your Bank - Alfonso Navío, Red Hat

4_FireSide Chat: Workday & Red Hat - Viren Patel, Workday, Alfonso Navío, Red Hat & Thomas Zink, IDC

5_Data and AI has redefined the art of the possible for Financial Services - Nina Raphael, Accenture

6_The Impact of Digital acceleration for Banking and FSI - Keith Pearson, ServiceNow & Martin Barrett, Lloyds Banking Group

7_FireSide Chat: Adobe & Accenture and ServiceNow - Fabrice Asvazadourian, Accenture, Keith Pearson, ServiceNow & Simon Murray, Adobe

8_Case Study BPER Banca George Briford IDC and Thilo Rockmann LzLabs

10_Security Is Really About 'A Stitch In Time' - Amitabh Singh, Palo Alto Networks

11_Corporate Banking Predictions - Maria Adele Di Comite, IDC

12_Recognising the Need for Seamless Digital Solutions All in the Cloud - Jennifer Geary, nCino, Monica Velasquez Torres, Recognise Bank & Thomas Zink, IDC

13_Retail / Payment Predictions - George Briford, IDC

14_Digital ecosystem: Achieving mutual benefits through ecosystem collaboration

15_Roundtable A: Workday

16_Roundtable B: Red Hat

17_Roundtable C: ServiceNow

18_Roundtable D: Adobe & Accenture