IDC, Colt and IBM webinar - How to make your SAP modernization a success?


Modernising your SAP systems is critical to ensuring digital transformation success, but it is also a daunting task. Building the business case, developing the right modernisation strategy, making sure that the IT infrastructure is up to the task and executing the modernisation flawlessly are key challenges that organizations need to address. 

Cloud plays a key role in modernizing the infrastructure for SAP workloads, and the cloud adoption accelerates in the next 2 years. 63% of European enterprises run their SAP workloads outside their own datacenter today, this number is going to increase to 79% in the next two years.

To make sure your SAP modernization is a success, join IDC, IBM and Colt webinar and learn from the experts, as they share best practices how to accelerate and de-risk your SAP modernization:

- What are the critical steps in a successful SAP transformation

How effective resource planning can accelerate your SAP transformation by 30% whilst reducing the risk of business disruption

- Why your network is a critical success factor

How a flexible and on-demand network can shave up to 90 day off your project timelines and ensure application performance

- Why the Colt IBM partnership can accelerate and deliver your SAP transformation on budget and on-time

Hear why Colt and IBM’s industry leading joint approach will take cost and time out of your modernization journey



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IDC, Colt and IBM webinar