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From Secure to Trusted: A Journey to Digital Leadership


This new decade has already provided many lessons. One is that the mantra “never let a good crisis go to waste” could have been written for the cybercriminal fraternity. Another is that the concept of digital trust is rapidly becoming a business imperative in the digital era. At the heart of all this, as always, is security: the critical barrier between data integrity and compromise; and a fundamental building block for digital trust.

But trust encompasses so much more. From privacy and compliance to sustainability; from ecommerce to trusted ecosystems; and from ethics and transparency to brand reputation and loyalty.

Engendering digital trust is a business imperative, but it requires leadership and governance from board level to ensure that it becomes part of the very fabric of the business.


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Videos & Presentations

Joel Stradling, IDC - From Secure to Trusted: A Journey to Digital Leadership

Ronald Pool, CrowdStrike - Staying in control of your growing attack surface

Anna Josefson, HP - Resilient Endpoint Security

Saritha Arunkumar, IBM - In the world of cyber threats, you can’t predict, but you can prepare

Tom Southern, OneTrust - Privacy in the Boardroom: The Metrics, KPIs and Reporting You Need

Behsad Baluch, Vipre - E-postkryptering och säker e-post för svenska företag

Jean Diarbakerli, Trend Micro - Är identitet den nya säkerhetsperimetern?

Zachary Warren, Tanium - Migration to cloud needs intrinsic security to safeguard business gains

Mats Ögren, YesWeHack - How Bug Bounty and Ethical Hackers keeps us safe

Peter Sandkuijl, Check Point - Ransomeware on the rise – how ready are you?

Jacob Henricson, Skanska - Next step for the CISO: Chief Trust Officer?

Fireside Chat 1: IBM & IDC - Improve your readiness to effectively respond to a breach

Fireside chat 2: Nozomi & IDC - Why is it that we need to talk about integrated security and industrial cloud security in the operational environment now

Fireside chat 3: Progress & IDC - The Baseline: What all cybersecurity standards have in common and how you can implement them

Fireside chat 4: BlackBerry & IDC - The role of AI in achieving sustainable cyber resilience through XDR (extended detection and response)

Robert Singh Sandhu, ICA - Digital trust in third parties

Sofia Edvardsen, Sharp Cookie Advisors - Regulatory update and impact from new legislation