IDC Digital Reload Forum - part 2



The pandemic has changed the working conditions of most organizations and employees and disrupted supply chains, giving impetus to rapid systemic changes. In the new reality, technologies that used to be of secondary importance have become critical for business sustainability.

At the first part of the Digital Reload Forum in May, we discussed issues related to the need for reviewing complex approaches and ensuring information security at a new level, making IT infrastructure more manageable and flexible, and the possibility of productive remote work. But what awaits us in 2021? The world will not remain the same and the effects will continue on the roles and priorities of IT. How will the digital team change? What will happen to budgets for digital needs? Is it possible to plan something for next year? How to change the organization’s strategy based on the experience gained during the pandemic? These are just some of the issues we will discuss at the Digital Reload Forum — Back to the Future, Part II.

The IDC Digital Reload Forum is designed for IT executives who need to start making plans now for their unit in 2021, drawing on new approaches and realities.

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