IDC Interview with TCS

We had the great pleasure to exchange views on the topic with the Keynote Speakers and Breakout Session Leaders of the IDC European Manufacturing Executive Digital Forum 2020. The following interview was conducted by Stefanie Naujoks, Research Director, Manufacturing Insights Europe, IDC with Sreenivasa Chakravarti, Vice
President, Manufacturing Business Practice at TCS. You can reach out to Sreeni at

The Future of Manufacturing is Neural

Special Edition: Manufacturing Journal of Innovation & Transformation

Manufacturing Next: Intelligent, Agile, Automated and Cloud-Enabled

TCS backs research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services on Future Manufacturing Enterprise. Download the paper to get complete insights put forth by leading experts from industry and academia.

Building a resilient, adaptive, and intelligent neural manufacturing enterprise

The future manufacturing enterprise will create a value chain that operates like a neural network – an intensely networked set of collaborative partners aligned to a purpose-driven ecosystem. Read on to know how.

Harnessing Abundant Data to Create an Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprise

Read on to know how manufacturing companies can master Data Abundance to create a data-centric operating model and become an intelligent enterprise.

TCS Business Impact Survey: Digital Readiness and COVID­19- Assessing the Impact

How well were organizations prepared for the digital demands of COVID-19? What impact did their level of preparedness have on revenue? Nearly 300 executives revealed their experiences in our recent TCS COVID-19 Business Impact Survey. Read the insights in our latest survey.