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Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that has been partnering with many of the world’s largest businesses in their transformation journeys for over 50 years. TCS offers a consulting-led, cognitive powered, integrated portfolio of business, technology and engineering services and solutions. This is delivered through its unique Location Independent Agile™ delivery model, recognized as a benchmark of excellence in software development.

TCS partners with leading enterprises across the world, in the automotive, aerospace and defense, continuous manufacturing and chemical, industrial machinery and agriculture industries, helping them pursue their growth and sustainable business mission with its industry leading Neural Manufacturing™ framework. As Sustainability is becoming a business imperative due to market & regulatory forces and climate change, TCS’ Sustainable by Design suite of offerings (based on Neural Manufacturing™) helps manufacturers embed sustainability and circular economy principles.

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An IDC Interview with Sreenivasa Chakravarti

We had the great pleasure to exchange views with our partner TCS. The following interview was conducted by Stefanie Naujoks, Research Director, IDC Manufacturing Insights EMEA with Sreenivasa Chakravarti, Vice President and Head, Connected Plants Business, TCS.

Video: Neural Manufacturing™

The Future of Manufacturing is Neural

TCS’ Neural Manufacturing™ thought leadership framework helps manufacturers become future-ready by building connected, cognitive, and collaborative ecosystems. Inspired by the human neural system, this framework provides a structured approach for manufacturing organizations to build neural capabilities to drive exponential growth and agility in their operations. With value-adding capabilities such as cognition, self-healing, and autonomous decision making, manufacturing businesses can become intelligent, resilient, adaptive, and purpose driven. These are the essential ingredients enterprises need to prepare for their transformation journey and build next-generation value chains. Click on the video to know more.

eBook: Neural Manufacturing™

Enabling manufacturers to build value chains that sense, learn, and adapt

The future manufacturing enterprise will be a strongly networked partner ecosystem that is connected, cognitive, and collaborative. Intelligent decision-making capabilities will be embedded at edge of this network. We term this as Neural Manufacturing, where the value chains will be redefined around customer-centric ecosystems, driven by a common purpose. By adopting a neural approach, we foresee firms demonstrating unprecedented adaptability with innovative and intelligent product and services, agility in operations, and resilience in supply chains. Read our eBook to understand in detail.

Flagship White Paper: Neural Plant-The Factory that Feels

Manufacturing plants have evolved from paper-based systems to fully digital and automated entities. While factories still require human intervention, most routine and repetitive tasks have been automated thanks to technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and more. The next step in the evolution of manufacturing digital plants is embedding self-learning capabilities in operations and asset management.

Read more to explore the functional architecture of the neural plant and why it will take manufacturers more than just implementing new technologies to realize the neural model of manufacturing.

Video: Neural Plant- The Factory that Feels

Autonomous and intelligent capabilities will power the factory of the future. Neural Manufacturing lies at the core of the new factory, what we refer to as the neural plant. Watch the video to know more.


eBook: Sustainable by Design

A TCS Neural Manufacturing™ offering suite for sustainability and circularity

Sustainability has become a business imperative due to market and regulatory forces and climate change. Besides evolving regulations, which are a dominant force, other aspects like cost pressures due to depleting natural resources, a competitive landscape because of early movers, and consumer and investor demands are critical to shaping up manufacturers’ sustainability journey. To drive sustainability outcomes, organizations have to move away from siloed functions.

Read our eBook to understand TCS’ offering and Benefits on Sustainability

Video: Sustainable By Design

We believe that manufacturing organizations of the future need to be sustainable by design. Powered by Neural Manufacturing™, the sustainable by design suite can help organizations meet their business objectives by putting sustainability front and center. TCS can enable this sustainability journey through a phased roadmap. Please watch the video to know more.


Journal of Innovation and Transformation: Sustainability

As we emerge from an extraordinary period of disruption and uncertainty, we have a unique opportunity to reboot to a new era, where sustainability and prosperity are part of the same aspiration and success measurement.

As purpose-led companies build increased collaboration in the pursuit of achieving sustainability goals, more resilient and inclusive growth models are coming to the fore. In the 2021 edition of the Journal of Innovation and Transformation, we explore how the interconnectedness of our ecosystems can solve some of the biggest sustainability challenges and accelerate positive outcomes for all.


Flagship White Paper: Sustainable by Design for Manufacturers

Manufacturers are fast turning to sustainability to gain competitive edge, particularly as investors focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance and higher market valuation for sustainable products. Currently, the reporting of sustainability and circularity initiatives in manufacturing organizations are limited to disclosing ESG performance and these reports are not mandatory and are riddled with numerous loopholes.

To address these challenges, we believe a sustainable by design strategy can help manufacturers transition from the traditional ‘take, make, dispose’ linear economy to a circular one. Adapted from Neural Manufacturing™ , this paper explores why a sustainable by design enterprise must embrace intelligent and insight-driven models, powered by connected value chain operations and purpose-centric ecosystems.

TCS Clever Energy™

TCS Clever Energy™, an enterprise level energy and emission management system that helps commercial and industrial organizations be more sustainable, ensure energy and cost efficiency, decrease carbon emissions, and reach their carbon neutral goals. In the new normal, energy usage patterns are unpredictable, and the size and complexity of enterprise operations pose a challenge in understanding the energy footprint as well as opportunities for conservation. TCS’ innovative new solution addresses this challenge and helps organizations become more purpose-driven, greener enterprises.


Solution: TCS Cognitive Plant Operations Adviser

TCS’ CPO Adviser uses proprietary solutions to help enterprises rapidly build, deploy, manage and augment cutting edge digital solutions for intelligent plant operations. Combining asset information, domain and tacit knowledge, advanced AI algorithms and physics-based models, CPO Adviser provides all inputs for designing intelligent digital twin driven applications for optimizing plants, systems, and processes. CPO Adviser helps in putting all these together and building solutions with the ‘ability to reason’ and the ‘ability to act’ for meeting the specific KPIs of a plant. Eventually, it can be leveraged to leap forward towards realizing autonomous plants in the manufacturing and process industries.

Flyer: TCS Manufacturing Unit Flyer

TCS believes that the future of manufacturing is neural & offers enterprises next-gen solutions to accelerate their transformation & unlock value. As the future of manufacturing will be neural with connected ecosystems, read how TCS’ solutions can help accelerate enterprise transformation & unlock value.