IDC Summit 2021 | Game, Set, Culture!


C-suite Synergy. Meaningful Innovation. Intelligence. Customer-Centric Organization. Workforce Empowerment.

The 5th edition of the IDC Summit in Romania will gather visionary leaders, and IDC advisory board members, that will drive discussions to deliver insight into the cross-industry, local and regional challenges of 2021.

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The complete agenda, speakers and other event information can be found on the event's website.

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Videos & Presentations

IDC Keynote | Game, Set, Culture | Meredith Whalen

IDC Keynote: Jennifer Thomson

Dell Technologies Presentation | Marc O’Regan

Iron Mountain Keynote: Adrian Dogaru

Panel Discussion | Moving the digital culture forward

On-stage Debate | Digital vs. Human Connectivity

Fortinet Presentation | Alain Sanchez

Future Ready Workforce

Metaminds Presentation | Marius Marinescu

Interview: Digital education for a data-driven organization

OTP Bank’s vision on Digital Culture | Constantin Mareș

Crayon Presentation: Răzvan Ene

Kaspersky Presentation | Bogdan Pismicenco

Pure Storage gives you an #unfairadvantage

Schneider Electric | Eduard Bodor

Honeywell Presentation: Anca Socol

Special Guest Interview | Horia Tecău

Special Guest Interview | Horia Tecău