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With its ability to deliver higher quality results more rapidly, DevOps is the core of the digital enterprise. Teams practicing accelerated app delivery and DevOps are in a better position to use software innovation and agility to impact their organizations response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

As more organizations start to operate like software companies scaling and automating DevOps practices is vital to continued competitiveness. DevOps means an iterative process of continuous improvement, so as software engineering teams scale quickly organizations must focus on the right tactics to manage, empower, and drive growth at scale.

2022 sees the pressure to deliver software-based digital innovation to overcome friction points in the enterprise-scale adoption of DevOps. However, managing tool proliferation, growing complexity of applications, and the explosion of data that needs monitoring and analyzing for continuous improvement can hold back progress and prevent digital innovation efforts.

With Application environments increasing in both size and complexity this puts pressure on existing DevOps teams. So, focus must shift to change and evolve the way that teams collaborate through automation. At the core of software innovation sits a highly iterative, small-yet-fast release cycle; implementing an organizational architecture that moves the business towards such an operating model is hard.

Increasing securitycompliance, and governance capabilities to provide the right "team rules" is a necessity - as is the need for visibility across the entire DevOps tool chain. Connected DevOps has become a requirement for fast and secure delivery of digital products and services. 

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Videos & Presentations

Jennifer Thomson, IDC - Connected DevOps: Supporting software innovation at scale

Simon Norrington, Tricentis - Does speed trump quality or vice versa?

Michael Coté, VMware Tanzu - Is DevSecOps a real thing?

Bruno Amaro Almeida, Fortum - Where Are We Heading? A Brief DevOps Story!

Jen Thomson, IDC & Peter Lunderbye, SUSE - How to use hyper-agile architectures such as microservices, cloud, and containers

Henrik Høegh, Lunar - From promise to running service

Jay Coley, Fastly - Why WAFs are running on empty

Jayanta Adhikary & Alexandre Signoret, IBM - How to increase customer experience through AIOps?

Boris Cipot, Synopsys - Transforming AppSec: The Top Three Ways to Build Security into DevOps

Will Cappelli, Splunk - DevOps: What Happens Next

Marc Linster, EDB - Running Postgres, the Kubernetes way