IDC Digital CISO Summit 2020


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Due to the current global situation, IDC have taken the decision to make the CISO Summit that is taking place on 16-17th November a virtual summit. This decision was taken as the safety of our sponsors, delegates and staff is paramount, and our communities health should be placed above all else.

The summit is designed as an information-sharing forum and an intimate networking platform for a selected group of 100+ CISOs coming from the top 500 companies and largest enterprises in Europe.  Every delegate will leave the summit enriched — whether it be with new lead projects for partners, or innovative and forward-looking security solutions. 

Led by Duncan Browb, VP for IDC in Europe, the summit will also include analysts from across the world who are all keen to speak to you based on your company’s approach to customer service, innovation and technology. Visionary and high impact keynote speakers together with our Summit Advisory Board will drive discussions to provides essential guidance to those who allocate resources as part of efforts to shrink their organization's attack surface, reduce security and privacy risk, and develop efficiencies in their security technologies and strategy.

Event Details

The complete agenda, speakers and other event information can be found on the event's website.

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Videos & Presentations

End User Keynote: Sharks, Bait, and Lifeguards: How Partnering with the Business Reduces Risk, Enhances Security and Frees Up Resources for the CISO

Platinum Partner Thought Leadership: How to Accelerate Your Secure Digital Transformation Through an Integrated Cyber Defence Approach

End User Keynote: Where Does the CISO Belong? Handling the Step up in Responsibility

Gold Partnership Tech Talk 2: How Security Can Help Accelerate Advancements in Edge Computing and 5G

Diamond Partner Thought Leadership: Beyond the Technology: How can Security Enable Business Impact?

Gold Partnership Tech Talk 3 - Bridging the Gap Between OT & IT

IDC Keynote: Harnessing Digital Disruption to Unleash the Future CISO

Platinum Partner Thought Leadership: Harnessing Identity to Position Security as a Business Enabler

Gold Partnership Tech Talk 1: Insights from the Cyber Threat Goldrush

IDC’s Summary and Key Takeaways of Day 1

IDC’s Summary and Key Takeaways of Day 2

IDC Keynote — Identity at Scale: Building Digital Trust in the New Decade

Platinum Partner Thought Leadership: Secure By Design – Delivering Results While Relieving Pressure

Gold Partnership Tech Talk 4 - Company Culture and Security – Friends or Foes?

Gold Partnership Tech Talk 5: Advanced Approaches Against Advanced Malware

Silver Partnership Tech Talk: Top 5 Emerging Trends in Vendor Risk Management