IDC European Manufacturing Executive Digital Summit 2021



The Connected Manufacturing Experience

Transparent, responsive & customer-centric


In order to face the challenges ahead, manufacturing organizations need to have transparent and responsive operations that enables them to respond to changing market and customer-requirements in a timely and flexible manner.


  • Transparent, because visibility and traceability vertically and horizontally within and across the organizations will be the foundation needed to adapt to changing conditions fast!
  • Responsive, because uncertainty related to potential economic, environmental, political or social disruptions require the ability to adapt operations within the organization and the ecosystem fast!
  • Customer-centric, because it will be the key value driver for manufacturing organizations to stay relevant for their customers and to be able to constantly drive accelerated customer value!

Building up and ensuring transparent, responsive and customer-centric operations will impact the entire manufacturing value chain, from product development, to supply chain operations, factory operations and sales operations on various levels:

  • Worker experience: Development and integration of remote work and augmented worker concepts
  • Operations experience: Convergence of IT/OT systems driving data-driven process optimizations
  • Supplier experience: Improving supply chain resilience and efficiency of supply chain operations
  • Ecosystem experience: Closer ecosystem collaboration and integration
  • Social and sustainability experience: Improving KPIs related to traceability and social responsibility


A vast amount of exciting technologies is out there that help manufacturers to become more transparent, responsive  and customer centric.

During the IDC European Manufacturing Executive Digital Summit 2021, we will look into what “next normal” means to manufacturers, why the business case for digitalization is stronger than ever and how technology can demonstrate value to the business.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Roberta and Stefanie


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Videos & Presentations

1_The Resilient Manufacturing Experience - Transparent, responsive & customer-centric - Stefanie Naujoks, IDC

2_The Neural Plant: Resilient, Adaptive, Sustainable - Sreenivasa Chakravarti, TCS

3_Intelligent Automation Applied. A Manufacturing Industry Perspective - Sebastian Seutter, UiPath & Yekta Caymaz, Arçelik Global

4_ Edge Computing: bring new levels of resiliency and sustainability in manufacturing - Joris Verdickt, Schneider Electric

5_ No Smart Factory without Cybersecurity - Jamie Wilkie, Fujitsu

6_Moderated Q&A

7_Data at the core - The Industrial Digitalization Journey at Stora Enso - Marko Yli-Pietilä, Stora Enso & Lorenzo Veronesi, IDC

8_Digital Transformation: Experience, challenges and solutions in a household appliance company - Berke Menekli, BSH Home Appliances Group

9_Five Essential Steps For A Converged IT/OT SOC - Guilad Regev, Claroty

11_How Digital Performance Management Continuously Improves Continuous Improvement - Mario Casoni, PTC

12_Why Critical Manufacturing Vulnerabilities Are on the Rise - Marcus Josefsson, Nozomi Networks & Romain Fouchereau, IDC

13_A new product paradigm is forcing disruptions on manufacturers from every angle - Lorenzo Veronesi, IDC

14_How manufacturers can turn challenges into business opportunities - Jan Burian, IDC

15_Advisory Board Panel Discussion - Silvia Kaertner, Covestro & Rainer Heining, Continental Teves AG & Co. oHG & Stefanie Naujoks, IDC & Paula Carvalho, Lonza

Roundtable A: TCS

Roundtable B: UiPath

Roundtable C: SchneiderElectric

Roundtable D: Fujitsu