IDC and Nutanix/ Wipro - Regional Webinar


Databases play a vital role in helping any organization run their business and that means databases need to be highly secure, available, resilient and responsive.

Given the onslaught of net new, and modernised applications within companies, database environments are under pressure to support all application needs and be elastic, scalable, and cost-efficient.

As the data and application landscape is changing so dramatically, businesses face constant pressure for innovation, placing huge strain on IT departments. If databases in traditional infrastructure is hindering your company’s speed and innovation, it is time to modernize it and make it a business enabler.

Join this IDC On-Demand webinar with Nutanix and Wipro on October  to understand the factors that challenge the status quo of traditional database environments, what considerations are important when modernizing databases, how managed cloud database services can bring speed, security, cost-efficiency, and eliminate complexities.

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Database Modernisation Fit for the Digital Era: Bringing Speed, Simplicity and Cloud Elements to Databases

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