IDC European Telco Summit 2022



Telcos of the Future

How to Succeed in the New Hybrid Ecosystem


The multibillion-dollar European telecoms market continues to transform in fundamental ways, fueled by cloud, new user demands and expectations, automation, software-defined architectures, and network virtualization. Telcos are eager to reinvent themselves as technology companies that can continue to play a vital role in business and consumer communications, but also compete in new areas ranging from multicloud to media.

This means that the traditional telco approach to building out connectivity, compute, communications, and operations is giving way to a much more dynamic and open ecosystem. Telcos are no longer doing everything in-house, with the implied heavy customization and long lead times. Instead, they need to leverage the agility offered by cloud and virtualization provided by third parties, including the cloud hyperscalers, to stay ahead of the curve in a very competitive, and consolidating industry.

The IDC European Telco Digital Summit 2022 will look at these themes with Europe’s leading telco analysts, hosting senior telco executives and keynotes by industries leaders.




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Videos & Presentations

1_IDC Opening Keynote: The Future of European Telecoms in the Face of the Storms of Disruption - Tom Meyer & Chris Barnard, IDC

2_Making sense of Telcos, Hyperscalers, Multi-cloud & Edge - Salim Khodri, Red Hat & Ahmad Latif Ali, IDC

3_Building Telcos’ Digital Business: Generating new revenues with APIs - Juan Carlos Garcia Lopez, Telefonica & Alejandro Cadenas, IDC

4_Using Partner Ecosystems to drive Telco Growth - George Finn, Accenture & Chris Holmes, ServiceNow

5_Moderated Q&A

6_Crossing the Chasm: Bridging Telcos' Skills Gaps - Nik Willets, TM Forum & Martin Sundblad, IDC

7_Unlocking CSPs transformative value for enterprises - Akash Mittal & Sandor Szekely, EPAM

8_5G for Industrial Enterprises - Richard Thurston, IDC

9_Sustainability in Practice: Overcoming challenges and realising opportunities - Antonietta Mastroianni, Proximus & Jeroen Cox, KPN & Dusanka Radonicic, IDC

10_Panel Discussion: Telcos in 10 years' time - Martin Resel, 1A Telekom Austria & Sophie James, techUK & Oru Mohiuddin, IDC & Melissa Fremeijer, IDC

11_IDC Closing Keynote: European Telcos' next steps - Chris Barnard & Jan Hein Bakkers, IDC