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The Digital Workplace is the most important set of technologies to drive digital change, innovation and attract the best talent in an organization. In fact, workplace transformation is currently the top (or a high) priority digital investment for 42% of UK companies.

Delivering a superior employee experience is critical for the success of workplace transformation, however challenges exist of what a good work experience means, how to get it right, and most importantly, why you should care. 

Join IDC and Computacenter for an insightful discussion around these three themes:  

  • What makes a good work experience in a hybrid working environment (home / office / field)? What needs to change and how to change it? 
  • What set of technologies, from the network to intelligent management and security solutions, ensure a good work experience?
  • What are the business outcomes of implementing a superb employee experience, particularly on customer experience and customer acquisition?


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Why Employee Experience Matters in Workplace Transformation

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