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Defining the new normal in light of pandemics, extreme weather events, trade wars, social unrest, and technology-driven disruption comes loaded with caveats and exceptions. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: The ability to rapidly pivot on multiple fronts will be required. Customers may move from stores and branches to apps to websites to partner sites — then back to stores and branches. Workers will move between homes and offices. Shifts in supply chains and local logistics require innovative improvisation to ensure deliveries.

Digital technology is instrumental for adapting to the new normal, which is redefining what it takes to remain competitive and successful.

Key Topics

  • The Flexible Application Environment: Strategies for managing integration, cloud-based solutions, and cost optimization
  • IT, Business Needs, and the Customer Experience: Giving digital transformation a focus
  • Elevating Security for Digital Trust and Risk Management
  • Cyber Resilience Strategies for Email, Web, and Brand Protection
  • Tackling Today's Threat Landscape: Next-Generation Security Operations

The IDC CIO Summit Modules have been prepared carefully to help IT decision makers address those topics and more!

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IDC CIO Summit - Winter Edition