IDC & IBM webinar: Enabling Sustainable Businesses


Enabling Sustainable Businesses

Environmental and social aspects are becoming more important than ever for European/Nordic organizations. According to IDC data, sustainability was ranked as a top business priority for 60% of European organizations in 2020. Country and Regional regulations, Customer Demands and Access to funds are some key drivers behind the recent focus on Sustainability. The need for companies to be compliant and demonstrate their sustainability credentials in a clear, transparent manner is undeniable.

Enabling sustainable operations and facilitating sustainable products and services can deliver value to the organization, beyond the traditional cost implications of , for example, reducing energy bills. However, proving that value and operationalizing specific sustainability initiatives is not always easy for enterprises, who often lack the expertise and resources to support and drive their sustainability journeys. IDC data shows that 41% of European companies already engaged with their strategic IT providers to incorporate sustainability targets into their processes.

  • Do you know what are the key sustainability regulations affecting your business now and in the coming years?
  • How do you embed sustainability throughout your production, operations and processes by enabling energy efficiencies or waste management capabilities, for example?
  • How can you transmit and encourage your suppliers to align to your sustainability values and practices?
  • How can technology become a tool to facilitate your company's sustainability strategy?
  • What is the role of IT platforms in order to facilitate data management that can lead to more sustainable organizations?

Join us on September 7th, 2021 where IDC's Marta Munoz and IBMs Camilla Kampmann will discuss the drivers and challenges of sustainability, and how technology can be a crucial enabler in the journey to becoming a sustainable Business.

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IDC & IBM webinar: Enabling Sustainable Businesses

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