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IDC Identity and Privacy Conference 2021 is the top virtual privacy and security event in the UK for security and privacy leaders looking to learn about the latest market trends, best practices and technology solutions to consider in cybersecurity, identity and access management, data privacy(GDPR) and digital trust enablement.

Gaining and retaining trust from customers, partners, and public opinion is now essential to future business success and has become a business imperative as organizations accelerate their digital transformation strategies. Organisations are contending with a complex and rapidly changing global environment of data privacy regulations, compliance requirements, transformative technologies and an ever-growing threat landscape. Identity, privacy and data security management technology will prove indispensable in delivering that trust. But technology alone is insufficient. To drive business value, technology must be accompanied by process and culture changes.

Going forward trust programmes will need to evolve and incorporate values-based goals such as business ethics and corporate social responsibility, as well as supporting business outcomes: transparency, brand reputation, consumer trust, supply chain integrity and operational resiliency. To get there, security teams must engage with lines of business and consider the evolving business landscape to better support people and process. This is a clear means by which, if they get this right, security can support business outcomes and elevate their influence.

Join IDC on September 9 to learn more and discuss:

  • Digital trust and managing digital risk
  • Managing digital identities
  • Authentication: balancing security and user experience
  • What does identity mean in a privacy-focused world?
  • Protecting critical data across hybrid cloud environments
  • Data discovery: building a single source of truth for your data
  • Pseudonymization: unlocking insight from protected data
  • Cryptographic key management

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The complete agenda, speakers and other event information can be found on the event's website.

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Videos & Presentations

Tech Talk 2: Fraud and Friction in the Digital Age

Platinum Keynote: Trusting the Un-trustable: How to Remotely Verify the Integrity and Identity of Edge-to-Cloud Software

Panel Discussion - Tackling Identity & Access Challenges, or How to Make a Molehill out of a Mountain

IDC Key Takeaways and Future Predictions

Panel Discussion - Trust & Security Resiliency - Defending the New, Borderless Enterprise

Platinum Keynote: Incident Management - Building Trust from the Inside Out

End User Keynote: Phil, Don’t Go Out To Lunch!

Platinum Keynote: How to build Digital Trust & Better Experiences?

Tech Talk 1: Maintain Trust and Drive Innovation in a Hybrid World

Platinum Keynote: Securing the Identity of your Workforce, Today and Tomorrow

IDC Keynote: Building Digital Trust & Resiliency in a VUCA World​

Platinum Keynote: Identifying your Endpoint Data in Real-Time Across the Enterprise

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