IDC & Interxion Webinar - Gain competitive advantages by a new approach to your infrastructure


IDC and Interxion are hosting a webinar where we will be discussing and sharing best practice approaches on how exchange services, payment providers, and Fintechs gain a competitive advantage by re-drafting their approach to infrastructure.

The continuously rapid pace of evolution and innovations in the financial services industry is breathtaking and is fueled by a number of factors, such as ever demanding customer expectations, heightened competition from incumbents as well as new entrants in many cases as a result of deregulation and the creation of business value through technology. 

However, the pandemic forced radical changes to this still relatively evolutionary path of adopting innovations and forced radical changes by moving significant portions of the economy online and an increased willingness to engage digitally.

The migration of workloads and processes into the cloud came as a natural consequence - connecting, aggregating and analyzing data in a host of new and existing applications. This in turn created a data explosion. Financial Services were not late to initiate massive digitization of services of all kinds, but in order to fully take advantage of the data that was being created, needed to have their underlying systems and infrastructure integrated with these new technologies and new platforms.

Implementing critical infrastructure to deal with the data deluge is not a simple exercise, and suddenly, infrastructure related topics, such as data center management, enterprise owned premise infrastructure management and networks and storage became high on the list of priorities. Adherence to compliance and other standards, such as ISO, became equally important.

To discover how diverse FS players gain a competitive advantage by re-drafting their approach to data and infrastructure, join us for a session which will explore:

  • The approach leading exchange services, payment providers, and Fintechs take to future-proof their infrastructure
  • How is AI/ML being applied to your business?
  • How to best take advantage of data centre services to optimize your infrastructure strategy
  • Establishing an enhanced security and infrastructure management

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IDC & Interxion Webinar

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