IDC European Government Summit 2022


Quantum Government is a step change that optimizes internal and external data to improve where we live and work and drive truly citizen centric services in a transparent and measurable manner.

There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen. The global effect of the pandemic has meant that citizen centric digital transformation went from a direction of travel to a race for survival.  We have the perfect storm for change in the public sector. A system shock driven by the pandemic, a burning platform with climate change and a large injection of investment. The public sector is betting the farm on optimizing their use of data and are in the process of gearing up to turn data into information to allow insight to drive impact.

The European Union is pumping the economy with the €750 billion of the Next Generation EU plan, Countries like Germany and France are adding another €100 billion each. The COVID recovery funding offers European governments a once in a century opportunity to re-imagine their economies.

Public sector leaders that want to deliver on the promises of competitive net-zero economies and places, harmonic societies, and people empowerment, freedom and wellbeing must embrace technology innovation to solve long-term societal challenges by investing in:

  • Empathic customer experiences will leverage next generation digital tools, such as AR/VR, AI and humanized UI to meet the elevated citizen expectation to make the bureaucracy invisible
  • Intelligent automation capabilities, such as ML, RPA and digital twin, will accelerate the transition towards efficient, proactive, personalized service delivery
  • Next generation computing architecture will go beyond the IoT-Edge-Cloud paradigm to test and scale cloud and swarm computing that maximize the power of intelligence, while making IT green by default
  • Trust and security will enable the quadruple helix of public sector, academia, enterprises and citizens to seamlessly access data and services, while protecting individual liberties and fostering digital sovereignty
  • Digital ready organizations that embrace cultural change, fluid structures, visionary leadership and a mentality of trust and collaboration across the ecosystem.

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Videos & Presentations

Massimiliano Claps, IDC - Accelerating digital transformation through Purpose-Resilience-Imagination-Mastery-Ecosystem

Leonardo Cervera, EDPS - The Implications of the proposed EU Data Act

Barry Lowry, Irish Government - The Future of Digital Identity and Trust

Marc Reinhardt, Capgemini - Sovereignty; from Policy to Reality

Rustem Bigari, DGSC - Digital by Design

Don Horan, UiPath - Intelligent automation for next generation citizen experience

Deirdre Ferguson, Belfast City Council - Nudging Behavioural Change

Lena Lundgreen, Microsoft - Bringing digital and green together for a sustainable built environment

Miranda Sharp, Metis - Re-thinking the build environment for sustainability with digital twins

Joe Dignan, IDC - Sustainable Urban Digital Transformation

Advisory Board Panel Discussion: Integrating Social Value in Public Sector Procurement

Louisa Barker, IDC - Humtech: How Data and Technology Can Help Tackle Humanitarian Crises

Government summit - Summary discussion