IDC European Future of Work Digital Summit 2021


Navigating the Next Normal with a Human First and Purpose-Driven FoW Strategy


We are at an inflexion point in history. Uncertainty, rapid change and disruption are becoming patterns of our new reality, and the models and assumptions of the past are no longer valid to build our future (quoting Einstein: “don’t use old maps to explore the new world”). Whilst digital transformation is positioned as the panacea for success, this approach leaves out two fundamental core components: on the one hand, that “humans” are the engine behind any digital change; on the other hand, that a “purpose-driven organization” is the vision and ultimate goal of everything, a company’s North Star. They’re vital for business resiliency and growth, and they’re the anchor of a Future of Work Strategy.

To succeed in the Future of Work, or the new paradigm of work, companies need to effectively address the following questions: how to manage and secure a distributed workforce in a hybrid working environment? How automation and intelligent technologies will augment employees and create new business value? How can organizations quickly adapt and respond to change? And, finally, and most importantly, what are the traits of a good leader?

During the IDC European Future of Work Digital Summit 2021, we addressed these questions and the concept of Navigating the Next Normal with a Human First and Purpose-Driven FoW Strategy, we can all consider the lessons of the recent past and re-imagine constructively our future.

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Videos & Presentations

1_IDC Opening Keynote Navigating the New Era with a Future of Work Strategy

2. Necessity is the Mother of Re-Invention – The Opportunity of Change_Roger Benson_AMD

3. Data vs Opinions: Managing risks of hybrid working_Olivier Cronk_Tanium

4. Ushering a new era of Experiential Hybrid workplace – From Strategy to Action_Rakshit Ghura

5. Moderated Q&A_Angela Salmeron_Roger Benson_Olivier Cronk_Rakshit Ghura

6. ‘Flexibility, choice & collaboration – the new frontier in the battle for talent’_Shaun Harley_Homes England

7. The Future of Work & The End of the Industrial Age_Nancy Hauge_Automation Anywhere

8. Unified Experience Management – the Secret to a Successful Hybrid Office_Leon Gilbert

9. Advisory Board Keynote: Shaping the future of work: hybrid solutions for a liquid workforce_Francesco Federico, JLL

10. Food for Thought: Disrupt HR_Jorg Staff_ Fiducia and GAD IT AG

11. IDC European Future of Work Awards Ceremony_ Roberta Bigliani

12. Advisory Board Fire Side Chat_Bonnie Cheuk_Unai Obieta Jimenez_Paula Aitkenhead

13. Summary & Conclusion_Roberta Bigliani_Angela Salmeron_Mick Heys