A holistic approach to Industrial Cybersecurity: Technology, People, Support


The convergence of IT and OT has been a growing and unstoppable trend in the past few years, and it is an opportunity for many companies to move toward more resilient decision-making operations in the effort to meet future operation requirements. From being two different worlds, IT and OT are increasingly communicating and integrating to improve organizations' operational performance and to fill the historic gap between operational and business processes, while opening OT to a vast and advanced cyberthreat landscape.

Industrial cybersecurity has been accelerated by digital transformation, with many challenges to take into consideration: on the technical side, organizations often face difficult decisions when it comes to implementing security in OT environments. On the people side, there is a need to deal with many diverse teams that will probably have very different visions of what security is or how it should be addressed.

In this webinar speaker from IDC and Kaspersky will share insights, challenges, and best practices on how organizations can develop a more successful holistic approach to Industrial cybersecurity, whilst end-users will take us through their real-life experience on addressing their industrial cybersecurity issues.


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A holistic approach to Industrial Cybersecurity: Technology, People, Support

IDC keynote - Romain Fouchereau

Kaspersky keynote - Michal Lukas