IDC and Delphix Webinar


Now that every company is a software company, strengthening software development, testing and delivery capabilities is a key priority on the 2021 agenda of UK organisations.

The current crisis has catalysed the rethinking of operating models, organisational design, and changes to augment software innovation capabilities and competitiveness. A growing number of organisations are looking to design a "software innovation engine" to deliver software-enabled digital products and services continuously. The race is on to become faster, more agile, and truly data-insights driven.

Software innovation at scale is hard and has profound implications for technology organisations. Traditional tools, practices, supplier relationships and deployment models pose significant constraints. Organisations must work smarter to deliver on the promise of an innovation pipeline and road map, streamline agile/DevOps processes via automation, and achieve fluid continuous integration and delivery.

On July 6, 2021 IDC held a webinar co-hosted with Delphix to discuss how we can design a software innovation engine that supports business agility and growth.

This webinar will discuss:

• Critical software dev and delivery friction points — Designing for resilience
• How to design for scalability and speed — Identifying software innovation catalysts
• Key investment tactics and priorities — Creating a road map to maximise software innovation success

We hope you enjoy this complimentary content from Delphix and IDC!

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