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Customer Experience (CX) is an intangible all-embracing concept that is difficult to cleanly define, manage and measure. Significant CX investments require a ‘leap of faith’ as ROI often only becomes fully evident in the medium to long term. Customer Success is a tangible CX application and use case that delivers more immediate and measurable business outcomes and is fast becoming a business necessity for manufacturing and services companies.

Product-oriented vendors need to 'servitize' their business models, moving from physical to digital, from one-off payments to ongoing subscription business models. But service models are more vulnerable to churn than traditional product sales models and require a higher degree of continuous customer satisfaction and ROI.

Customer Success is a pioneering and proven method of ensuring sustainable ongoing cashflow and revenue growth from clients, delivering customer loyalty and advocacy, and long-term customer value.

At this IDC event we will:

  • Share insights from a new IDC research study into Customer Success in Europe.
  • Reveal the latest technologies being used for best-in-class CX and Customer Success.
  • Recommend a management action plan for CX and Customer Success that delivers sustainable customer satisfaction, operational efficiencies, and growth.

This event will help you understand what it takes to transform Customer Experience and Customer Success into a game-changing growth engine for your business.

Event Details

The complete agenda, speakers and other event information can be found on the event's website.

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Videos & Presentations

Gerry Brown, IDC - Research results revealed: Why CX and Customer Success are key to brand differentiation

Maria Wiss, Google Cloud - User First as North Star for innovation

Lloyd Buxton, Genesys - Lean into Empathy, the shift from business-centric to people-centric has truly begun!

Line Krogh Vogdrup, Søstrene Grene Giving our customers a world of wonderful moments

Chris Bartlett, Adobe - How a Customer Experience company delivers Customer Success

Raymond Hüner, Frehsworks & Gerry Brown, IDC - Fireside chat: What does effortless customer service look like today?

Carl Sjöström, Formue - Customer Experience is the real competitive advantage going forward

Kristian Friis, Shape - How the customer experience of OK a.m.b.a's app became a differentiating factor in a commoditized industry