IDC & Kyndryl webinar - How to do a successful business transformation with application modernization - a real life example at scale


"By 2026, half of cloud applications will use AI, leaving 65% of Europe organizations to struggle with finding enough skilled AI professionals to continually manage and update them."

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2024 Predictions — European Implications

To be successful as a digital business requires modern applications. Application modernization is a key CIO priority, and the whole application landscape needs to be consolidated and updated, to deliver a modern digital customer and employee experience that is expected today.

Kyndryl went through one of the largest business transformations in recent history, when it was spun out from IBM in 2021. They consolidated 1800 applications down to less than 360, downsized 50 datacenters worldwide to 4 hyperscaler locations in the span of just two years, and gained many insights on their journey.

In this IDC and Kyndryl webinar, Kyndryl will share the successes and the challenges that they encountered on their journey to become a digital business, so that you have a blueprint that will help you transform your application landscape and successfully run your own digital business.

During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • 2024 application modernization trends,
  • Learn from Kyndryl about their lessons learned from being customer zero of the Kyndryl application modernization process,
  • Talk about typical customer strategies and challenges with Kyndryl’s CTOs.

Download post-event material:

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