IDC & OKTA Webinar


In this IDC and OKTA webinar, we will discuss how starting with a strong foundation in identity can help us manage and navigate the changing digital threat landscape.

The digital threat landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by two powerful macro forces, pandemic and war. This acceleration means that every organisation is not only a technology company but also a security company that needs to protect both employee and customer identities from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. 

Identity management is a foundational tool in helping every organisation navigate the evolving threat landscape and an essential item on the CISO-agenda. How does a strong foundation in identity management help to build a secure organisation? 

Digital transformation and threat acceleration require every organisation to assess their zero-trust maturity level. Taking an identity centred zero-trust approach enables every organisation to build the digital trust needed to ensure your brand's reputation as trustworthy for all stakeholders. Managing access is vital to being trustworthy. In 2023 IDC predicts that 55% of organisations will allocate half of their security budgets to cross-technology ecosystems/platforms designed for rapid consumption and unified security capabilities to drive agile innovation. Identity management plays an essential role in designing or redesigning the digital infrastructure in organisations.

Watch this webinar where you will learn about the status of the current security challenges and how a strong foundation in identity can help you deliver trust and achieve your security goals.  

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IDC & Okta Webinar: Status on the changing digital threat landscape and how to navigate it

Presentation Slides - Jan Horsager, IDC

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