IDC & Red Hat Fireside Chat - Financial Services Spotlight: Openness, Regulation and Flexibility


During this fireside chat session, you will understand how to navigate the increasing shift towards open hybrid cloud strategies in the European FSI sector and the new Digital Operational Resiliency Act (DORA) whilst walking away with actionable takeaways that can be implemented immediately.

"From the frying pan into the fire" accurately describes today's vortex of change, risk, and uncertainty compared to pre-pandemic times. As if the transformation pressure on financial institutions was not already high before the pandemic struck, today the industry finds itself firefighting on multiple fronts.

Adapting to the future of work and war for talent; a new wave of regulations from operational resiliency, anti-money laundering, and sanctions to ESG.  There is widespread economic uncertainty spanning from inflation, supply chain shortages, and credit defaults. Not forgetting the necessity to diversify business models, unlock the power of the connected ecosystem, and accelerate in the digitalization marathon, while getting a get a grip on operating cost and futureproofing IT and operations for the digital era. Where to even begin?

A strong house is built on a solid foundation and the same goes for any financial institution. It depends on a foundation that provides the much-needed scalability, flexibility, openness, agility, and reliability to weather the storm. This can mean many different things to different organizations, but IDC data shows that this means increasingly a shift towards open, hybrid cloud strategies in the European FSI sector. A hybrid strategy provides the optimal balance between resilience, performance, openness, control, and innovativeness to succeed in an increasingly digital world. But it also forces organizations to get a handle on the growing complexity and cost to stay in control.

Following IDC’s overview and vision of the market, IDC and Red Hat will share their curated discussions on topics covering:

  • How to unleash the power of the ecosystem
  • The new operational resiliency mandate: With the launch of the Operational Resilience Regulation and the upcoming European Digital Operational Resiliency Act (DORA)
  • Futureproofing infrastructure management for the digital era

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