IDC UKI Security Summit


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Videos & Presentations

Strategy Risk and the 3D CISO

Platinum Partner Keynote: Frustrate Attackers, Not Users: Zero Trust for the Multi-Environment IT

Platinum Partner Keynote: Winning at Cyber Security: A Strategic Approach

Fireside Chat with Jonathan Evans & Duncan Brown

Platinum Partner Keynote: SOC transformation for better Visibility and Control in a Cloud-First World

Platinum Partner Keynote: Tackling Cyber Threats with Secure Enterprise Browsing

Gold Partner Fireside Chat: Is Data Security the New Cyber Security? Is there a paradigm shift from Cyber Security to Data Security?

Gold Partner Fireside Chat: Threat Landscape – Building a Bridge to the First Line

Cyber Risk in 2023 and Beyond

Platinum Partner Keynote: Developing a Defensive Architecture: What the Threat Actor can teach us about cyber defence.

Gold Partner Fireside Chat: Addressing the Skills Shortage: Implementing Talent-to-Value and Effective Staff Retention

Gold Partner Fireside Chat: The Journey to Modernising Security Applications; is Security the Villain Within the Organisation?

Gold Partner Fireside Chat: Risk Reduction and Dynamic Protection

Silver Partner Fireside Chat: The Evolution of Phishing Attacks – Beyond Email

End User Keynote: What’s On The Mind Of The CISO?

Silver Partner Fireside Chat: Breaking the Boundaries of Traditional Security: The Emergence of Autonomous Security Operations