IDC European Healthcare Executive Digital Summit 2021



The New Healthcare Experience

Bringing the Patient of One vision to Life 


On 18th May, 2021 the IDC Healthcare Executive summit looked at Putting into practice the lessons learned during the crisis to bring innovation at scale is the mission for European healthcare organizations for 2021. Traditional hospital-centric models failed during the covid-19 pandemic. Organizations in the healthcare sector need to change and digital has proven to be a key factor driving effective change.

From telehealth and remote patient monitoring services to AI-enabled diagnosis support, during the pandemic digital helped to change the healthcare systems, the experience for patients and the healthcare workforce alike. Digital brought the two experiences together, aligning the new patient front door with the clinical workflow, synchronizing virtual and in-person care delivery, driving empathy further, advancing in the Patient of One vision.

Healthcare executives and healthcare professionals are now under pressure to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to use digital to rebound, remodel and reinvent organizations and patient care.

We would like to invite you to watch the on-demand recording of this event where we will look at how healthcare organizations that will thrive in the healthcare next normal will be those focusing on reinventing the end-to-end experience for patients and the healthcare workforce.

We hope you enjoy watching this on demand recording and we look forward to see you at the IDC Healthcare Summit in 2022!

Roberta and Silvia

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Videos & Presentations

01_IDC Welcome Address & Navigation Guidance - Roberta Bigliani, Group Vice President, Head of IDC Insights and IDC Future of Work Executive Lead, IDC Europe Giulia Besana, Research Analyst, IDC Health Insights

02_IDC Opening Keynote: The new healthcare experience: bringing the Patient of One vision to Life - Silvia Piai, Research Director, Health and Government Insight, IDC

03_Edge Computing - at the heart of the digital transformation - Joris Verdickt, VP, Edge and Segments, Schneider Electric

04_Moderated Q&A - Joris Verdickt, VP, Edge and Segments, Schneider Electric, Silvia Piai, Research Director, Health and Government Insight, IDC

05_End-User Keynote: Engagement at Scale: bringing together the citizen and patient view. The case of Umbria region - Francesco Azzola, Technical Project Manager, Umbria Digitale Incl. Q&A

06_Roundtable Discussion: Futureproofing your hospital with the Power of Data Joris Verdickt, VP, Edge and Segments, Schneider Electric Tom Van Mulders, International Enterprise Account Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Belgium BV André da Silveira, Senior Product Marketing Manager, GE Healthcare Digital

07_Enduser Keynote: Virtual healthcare – the Clinicians View - Dr. Mukta Sandu, Clinical Consultant, Member of the Reference Group, CHUV Direction medicale Incl. Q&A

08_Advisory Board Panel Discussion Getting back on track with care: the wave of unmet health needs - Ligia Kornowska, Managing Director, Polish Hospital Federation Vicent Moncho Mas, CIO, Marina Salud Hospital de Dénia Marco Foracchia, Chief Information Officer, Reggio Emilia Local Health Authority Alain De Maght, CISO/DPO, Hôpitaux Iris Sud - Iris Ziekenhuizen Zuid Silvia Piai, Research Director, Health and Government Insight, IDC

09_Enduser Keynote: The Swiss Electronic Patient Record based on IHE Adrian Schmid, Head of eHealth Suisse, the Swiss Competence and Coordination Centre of the Confederation and the Cantons Claudio Saccavini, IHE Europe Transition Manager, co-founder, IoP Srl. Incl. Q&A