Building digital trust with endpoint security webinar - with IDC and BeyondTrust


The evolving threat landscape and the ubiquitous digitisation of businesses means that dealing with IT security has become increasingly more complex. Cyber security breaches have direct, often negative impact on company performance – both financially and via the resulting damage to customer loyalty and brand value erosion. Despite this, IT security forms a critical foundation layer on which to build digital trust and drives both efficiency and competitive differentiation. Many organisations must now revisit their IT security architecture and reform the traditional approach to endpoint security.

At the webinar you will learn why you must adapt your approach to endpoint security. You will also gain tangible advice on how to devise or progress a comprehensive endpoint security strategy, a crucial step for any organization wanting to build the digital trust necessary to underpin a digital first business.

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IDC & BeyondTrust Webinar

Executive Brief

Anders Elbak - IDC Presentation

Karl Lankford - BeyondTrust Presentation