IDC Future of Intelligence - Nordic & Benelux


Abundance, Control and Business Outcomes

Today, organizations learn and apply knowledge in silos (customers, operations, finance) and one transaction/activity/data point at a time, leading to many organizational challenges. 

What the Future of Intelligence Looks Like

Organizations will learn as a single entity and at scale by using the data generated from products, services, experiences, and ecosystems to inform and drive intelligent automation of processes. Organizations will develop a capability around the capacity to learn and acquire information, the ability to synthesize the information they need in order to learn, and the ability to apply the resulting knowledge pervasively across the organization. 

Key Aspects Shaping the Future of Intelligence

Evidence-based culture at organizations where the information at hand shapes decision making. Data scientists will combine knowledge of the algorithms with an understanding of functional goals. Organizations will offer a wider variety of experiences that demonstrate increasing value as the organization learns what is most desirable and efficient

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