IDC European Financial Services Digital Summit 2022



Simplification in an Age of Complexity


European FSI have seen their fair share of regulatory-decreed change, but the coming years will take regulatory activity/ activism to new heights. From greener finance, ethical AI, even higher capital ratios, more transparency, a series of anti-money laundering laws, and a new focus on digital operational resiliency – just to name a few of the most impactful regulatory changes in the pipeline. Essentially the list of compliance tasks is getting longer, their scope more far-reaching, and the implications on the business more serious.

This hits European FSI at a time where they are struggling to keep pace with international and digital peers in terms of cost, growth and productivity. Clearly, there is no simple solution for what’s ahead of the industry, but simplification, automation, and replication seem to be the tools to succeed in the “digital” 20s. None of these are new, but today technology is allowing banks to implement and execute these operating principles at scale across the entire organization. The challenge will be however, not to create new legacies and get a handle on complexity.

Customer-facing innovation has been the key investment priority for the last few years, but as a matter of fact has often underdelivered lacking the right foundation to build on. It’s time to shift the focus inwards and put an end to the messy middle & back office and rethink operations, infrastructure, security & trust and the future of work from ground up. This means nothing less than to redesign operations and IT for trust, resiliency, transparency, sustainability, productivity, and efficiency. Profitability and better customer/ employee experiences will follow naturally.

During the IDC European Financial Services Digital Summit 2022, we will discuss successful strategies to adapt to this rapidly changing world.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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Videos & Presentations

1_Simplification in an Age of Complexity - Tom Zink, IDC

2_Going Hybrid on all Fronts: addressing the operational resilience challenges - Jim Bennett, Red Hat

3_Moderated Q & A with Red Hat

4_Payments transformation: Striking the perfect balance between business and operating models - Daniel Smuzkler, Euro Banking Association (EBA) & Tom Zink, IDC

5_Securing DevOps - Shifting Left with Security for Financial Services - Stefania Chaplin, GitLab

6_Transforming IT application testing through simplification with Intelligent Automation - Keelan Singh, UiPath

7_Turn data into a strategic asset - Empowering Financial Institutions - Matthias Holzgethan, Elastic

8_Hybrid Workplace: Drive Impact on Profitability, Sustainability and Risk Management - Patrice Amann, Microsoft

9_Embedded Finance Is Here – Exploring the Whys and Wherefores of the Future Financial Services Business - Yuri Poletto, Italian Insurtech Association & George Briford, IDC

Advisory Board Panel: What Keeps me Awake at Night – Real-Life Tips to Solve the Key Issues

11_IDC Closing: Key Trends Transforming FS in the Next 5 Years - Davide Palanza, IDC