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For most organizations, digital transformation started many years before the pandemic. This trend was accelerated and the direction of some journeys was partly changed by the impact of COVID-19. We’ve got a sudden glimpse into a future world in which digital has become central to almost every part of the organization.

In line with this, C-suite roles have also been transformed. The crisis shifted forefront responsibility to CIOs and CISOs and crystallized the change from technology leader to cross-functional business leader.

Many organizations have embraced new digital technologies. Now is the time to reassess these initiatives and actively seek ways to remain competitive and improve customer connections via innovative digital tools and services, while maintaining their trust by providing up-to-date security.

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01_The Future of Digital Culture

02_Future Shock!

03_Accelerate Cloud Business with Agility & Resilience

04_Improving Resilience with Zero Trust Security

05_Government point of View_ A Success Story

06_Foundations of Resilience

07_The Future Enterprise is Flexible, Resilient, and Secure!

08_The Power of Data

09_How to Move Mission-Critical Apps and Data to your Hybrid Cloud Fast!

10_The Perfect Storm of Change

11_Human vs Digital

12_Drinkworks Special moment