IDC and IBM Webinar - Why Data Fabric matters: Break Silos and Fuel Innovation


Data is an integral element of digital transformation for enterprises. But as organizations seek to leverage their data, they encounter challenges resulting from diverse data sources, types, structures, environments and platforms. For many enterprises today, operational data has largely remained siloed and hidden, leading to an enormous amount of dark data.

As an extension of the idea of ​​data democratization, the concept of Data Fabric emerges, with the main objective of offering a unified and collaborative environment to access data, simplify and unify the management of multiple environments, and support the businesses in the development and industrial deployment of Data & AI applications and use cases.

  • What it means to access data without duplicating it?
  • How to simplify access to data for business users?
  • How to guarantee the quality and integrity of data to businesses?
  • Why Data Fabric? What are the advantages?

The concept of Data Fabric will be at the center of our agenda on December 2nd, during a virtual webinar co-organized by IBM and IDC, combining feedback, exchanges between peers and testimonials.


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Videos & Presentations

Presentation - Arkadiusz Wiśniewski

IDC Setting up the Scene - Nevena Conic

Interview - Philip Carnelley, Franc Bračun and Arkadiusz Wiśniewski

End user case study - ING carries out its data fabric vision

Wrap-up - Arkadiusz Wiśniewski and Nevena Conic