IDC UKI DevOps Summit


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Videos & Presentations

IDC Opening Keynote: Connecting For Business Success: DevSecFinOps – The New World of Collaboration

Where are we with DevOps Automation, Really?

Gold Partner Fireside Chat: Software Supply Chain Security, SBOMs and the Ever-Evolving Threat

End User Keynote: DevSecOps Leadership - Zero to Hero

Gold Partner Fireside Chat: Making New Friends For Collaborative Success

End User Keynote: DevOps - Where We Are, Where We Are Headed & How To Get There

IDC Keynote: Cloud Governance and FinOps Fundamentals

Silver Partner Fireside Chat: 'Strategic Considerations for Embedding Security and Sustainability in DevSecFinOps’

Silver Partner Fireside Chat: Platform Engineering? DevOps With Buzzwords Or Actually New?

End User Keynote: Team Structure, Skills, And Culture

Silver Partner Fireside Chat: Why is Zero-Trust Key for Container Environments