IDC European Future of Operations Summit 2022



Beyond excellence - Ubiquitous technology for symphonic operations


Customers have elevated expectations. Regulators hold enterprises accountable for sustainability, security, safety and social inclusion. Competition comes from within industries and across ecosystems. In this landscape, operations leaders must go beyond efficiency. How?


  • Automating distributed operations – Enterprises must eliminate complexity of operational decision making, both at the center and at the edge to optimize capacity planning and daily activities to meet customers' demand for competitive price-quality ratios.
  • Making cyber-physical operational environments resilient – Operations must become the foundation of trusted delivery of products and services that meet customers' demand for improved experience, safety and sustainability.
  • Addressing environmental sustainability – The transition to sustainable operations is a priority for enterprises globally. This is not just on the company level , but on the level of value chain as well. The effort includes data sharing capabilities, infrastructure and networks, development of  sustainable products underlined with digital technologies, and circular skills.
  • Embracing ecosystem collaboration – Enterprises that want to deliver customer-centric innovation must collaborate with partners within and across industries to augment their operational capabilities and capacity that will empower them to win new business opportunities.


Join us and listen to IDC, our expert Speakers, and your Peers and learn all about European Digital Future of Operations!

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Videos & Presentations

1_Integrated and Sustainable Operations - Jan Burian, IDC

2_Innovation in the Information Era - Marc O'Regan, Dell Technologies

3_Moderated Q&A Innovation in the Information Era - Jan Burian, IDC & Marc O'Regan, Dell Technologies

4_Advisory Board Panel Re-imagining (lights-out) operations for the future - Massimiliano Claps, IDC & Luis Miguel del Saz Rodríguez, Airbus & Peter Thorngren, Volvo

5_Environmentally friendly, energy efficient operations - Ivan Kristian Pedersen, ND4 Services ApS

6_Advisory Board Discussion Value-driven Operations Can Financial Return Converge with a Bigger Purpose - Adriana Allocato, IDC & Alexandros Ziomas, Athens International Airport & Dr. Thomas Andressen, formerly K + S & Barbora Geršlová, IKEA

7_The Future of Operations Will be Ecosystem Powered - Roberta Bigliani, IDC