Incident Response


Cybersecurity is rising its profile in organization during the last decade. Efficiencies achievable with digital solutions and overall transformative capacity of technology pushes even the most conservative sectors outside the boundaries of traditional approaches to operations. To protect new digital side of their business, organizations deploy new technologies and morph their processes, but security incidents occur regardless. Ability to timely investigate, localize, and remediate incidents is a differentiator of successful and trusted organizations against those appearing with the breach reports in the first pages of news.

The question today is: how do you build a successful Incident Response (IR) practice that will be supported by IT stakeholders and benefit business objectives? In this webinar, experts from IDC and Kaspersky will share insights, challenges and best practices what does it take to maintain and ensure efficiency of IR plans and procedures, which limitations are common and how to overcome those, and lessons learned from numerous customer engagements. 

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Videos & Presentations

Welcome and short overview by Kaspersky

IDC Keynote: Incident response in security practice evolution - Konstantin Rychkov

Incident Response in Action - Srdjan Radosavljevic