How to run a Successful SAP Modernisation! An IDC & T-Systems webinar


Digitisation, digital transformation, and becoming data driven are key priorities in Nordic companies. IT complexity, fragmentation, and legacy, however, are inhibiting companies in progressing at the desired or even needed pace.

At the core of the essential IT modernisation most companies face, sits the ERP system. This may be plagued by years of budding customisations and rigid integrations with other systems, but even relatively new solutions need upgrading to leverage innovative technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain etc., and support new work processes.

Together with T-Systems, IDC is surveying SAP migration in Nordic companies. The results will be revealed and discussed at the webinar when Anders Elbak and Jan Horsager from IDC, and Martyn Jones from T-Systems will elaborate on the key findings of the survey, giving concrete examples of how companies initiate and manage their SAP modernization projects, and what they have achieved.

The webinar will explore the following questions:

  • How do you ensure adequate resources and access to the necessary skills?
  • How do you integrate the SAP environment with both legacy systems and modern digital solutions?
  • Why do you need to ensure transparency in cost related to the SAP environment, and which additional KPIs should you embrace?
  • Which considerations related to the infrastructure should you make to ensure an optimal mix of public cloud, private cloud, and non-cloud environment

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How to run a Successful SAP Modernisation!

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