Navigating the FSI Complexity


According to IDC "2021 has seen financial services at its finest, having responded rapidly to the unique challenges of the pandemic," says Aaron Press, research director, IDC Financial Insights. "As we begin to understand what the new normal is likely to look like, we can refine and build on the dramatic changes from the past year. Even with the remaining uncertainty, we see financial services across the spectrum looking forward, leveraging their transformative efforts, and moving on to deal with the challenges of the future."

Today, consumer experiences in financial services exists largely in separate and disconnected domains. Digital transformation will streamline the customer journey, allowing for it to begin and end on any device, in any channel, at any point. Be it pandemic conditions or not, FSI seems to be facing the ever-growing complexity of customer and regulatory demands, paired with unprecedented technology advancements we are all witnessing worldwide. Besides the siloed infrastructure, growing volumes of data from different sources and regulatory risks, the banks need to be always on, closely monitor the productivity of their workforce, optimize their resources, employ complex analytics and, of course, be compliant. In this changing landscape and competitive market conditions, only the right partnerships and common strategy goals can lead tech buyers and tech makers to the realization of common strategy goals.

Join IDC and Dell to discuss:

  • Embracing the Emerging Technologies
  • The Value of Data
  • Finance-Centric Technology Alignment and Mapping
  • Creating Value for FSI use cases
  • Multi-cloud platform for FSI



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Navigating the FSI Complexity