IDC, Computacenter, AWS and VMware Webinar


The world's most successful companies are increasingly embracing digital — connecting their customers, suppliers, partners, and employees in pioneering and unique ways. The most innovative companies are embracing the public cloud to build solutions that deliver true competitive advantage in an increasingly agile way, and AWS has demonstrated with many customers that it is a market leader in this space.

New applications are being developed to run natively in public clouds, but what about the mass of existing applications, many of which are critical to these companies' businesses and run on VMware infrastructure? What if they could immediately benefit from the scalability, flexibility and agility of the public cloud and be modernised over time to take advantage of the latest developments in databases, analytics and machine learning?

Organisations face the challenge of providing a modern, scalable platform for these business-critical VMware-based workloads while continuing to manage costs and deliver great service. This often drives a need to "lift and shift" these workloads, and you can achieve this by moving to the public cloud and experiencing its many benefits.

Join us to learn more about:

• Seamless, low-risk and fast application migration
• Business justification using confident TCO analysis
• Building a true hybrid cloud
• Simplifying the "Ops" in DevOps

View the IDC, Computacenter, VMware and AWS, for an exciting and engaging discussion on how your most critical applications can benefit from a migration and modernisation journey into the AWS cloud, leveraging the unified multicloud control plane provided by VMware, and learn from Computacenter's experience in successfully doing this with other customers.

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