Data centres are the foundation of the digital world.  No matter if we check a weather forecast on our smartphone, order a money transfer or purchase a pair of new shoes, the end effect is always a result of computations carried out in a data centre. As they are so critical to the seamless working of the world around us, it is instrumental for IT experts responsible for running the data centres to understand the respective technologies inside out.

Storage is by far the most important building block of a data centre. And storage networking connects the storage to the remaining components, thus enabling data flow. Without it the data centre wouldn't be able to fulfill the tasks which it has to fulfill. It's a silent hero which genuinely makes the data centre work.

This is why we want to invite you to listen about and discuss the present & the future of storage networking. In this session you will learn about the current status of storage networking technologies, look at use cases and more importantly also peek into the future.

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