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Digital transformation remains a top priority and business leaders have now experienced the importance of business continuity in a world they cannot always foresee.

Core enterprise systems have for many been in need of major renovation for a long time. This project is difficult and expensive, and it is fundamental that it works to run the business. But to move on to the digital age it is crucial that the core is ready to cope with the new complexity in the outer layer of IT.

Projects have been reprioritized, but for most remain top priority to secure long-term business competitiveness. The question is how business has changed, and what new elements and needs must be taken into consideration.



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Videos & Presentations

Martin Sundblad, IDC - How business has changed, and what new elements and needs you must take into consideration

Gerhard Giese, Akamai & Martin Sundblad, IDC - API The Attack Surface That Connects Us All

James Harvey, AppDynamics - The rise of Full Stack Observability

Chris Trueman, Tricentis - Changing the rules of testing How prioritizing software quality can lead to business success

Cristina David, Ericsson - From Impossible to Composable

Marvin Ngoma, Elastic & Jan Horsager, IDC - Data-driven Security in the digital economy protect, detect, respond limitlessly

Kalman Tiboldi, GemOne - Our journey to the data driven enterprise