IDC Future of Work 2022 - Benelux


With a vast majority of the population fully vaccinated in the developed world, many business leaders are falling into the trap that work can be resumed just like the "good old days", and expect that concerns around cybersecurity, employee engagement and innovation, to name a few, will be resolved. Regrettably, their efforts will be in vain, i.e. their employees will leave. Like the virus, the world of work has mutated and changed for ever.

"Adapt or die" says the old adage, with its roots in Darwinism. We are entering a New Era that is fluid, moving rapidly and highly disruptive. Many established enterprises will die, unable to be transformed, but many others will emerge and set the pace to competitors.

What will differentiate high performing companies from those that aren't? High-performers function as a living organism, by being agile, adaptable to a fast-paced environment; they are highly connected internally and externally with a rich ecosystem and constantly mutating (innovating) to be ahead of the game. Moreover, their most basic cell, their employees, are empowered to excel in full orchestration with the whole.

Join IDC's Future of Work digital event on October 25th 2022 to be inspired and learn more about:

  • What hybrid working means and how to make it a success
  • How to provide technology experience parity across home, office and other work environments
  • How to enhance employee engagement
  • How to create an "Experience Office" and make commuting worthwhile
  • How to build better teams in a distributed workforce
  • How to make the workplace intelligent, personal and highly connected


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Videos & Presentations

IDC Keynote: Mastering hybrid work: from vision to execution - Angela Salmeron

Balancing the needs of your hybrid workers: human, productivity and security - Spencer Pitts, VMware

The new way of working: technology and resilience - Ruud van der Kamp, DocuSign

How digital personas can help us realise a more human centric workplace - Tony Strows, Philips

Fireside chat: Deliver uninterrupted IT and transformed employee experiences - Nirmal Krishnamoorthy, Freshworks & Jan Horsager, IDC

MOMENTUM, New Ways of Organising for a Future Fit Workforce - Nathalie Hazenberg, ABN AMRO